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Welcome to Rebecca Ewing's Color and Design

Rebecca Ewing has a gift that she loves to share.  Her training as an interior designer taught her to discover a client's style, the desires for a particular space and the function the space serves for the client.

Her gift gives her the ability to wrap herself in that style like a cloak, and envision the ideal implementation for the client.

The result is a perfectly envisioned space, that fits the client, the budget and the way the client lives -- or works.

Rebecca Ewing is an interior designer whose practice encompasses personal space, office space, retail space and product design.

Interior Design

The decision to alter your personal surroundings - home, office or retail store - is significant, whether you're changing the wall color or the traffic pattern through the space.

Rebecca takes great pleasure in creating truly "living" spaces for her clients.

Color & Design Consulting

The right color will make your sleep restful, encourage conversation, encourage focus or creativity.

The wrong color will make you restless, irritable, even physically uncomfortable.

Rebecca Ewing understands power of color in design.

Color Workshops and Keynotes

If color or design is a part of your professional responsibility, investigate Rebecca Ewing's color workshops. 

Rebecca is a dynamic speaker who is as entertaining as she is educational.